In the comfort of your home, I provide an ease of mind to you and your family, knowing that your dog is cared for with the utmost love and patience.

In Home Grooming

Specializing in Golden Retrievers

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The Golden Touch

From puppies to seniors, I specialize in providing a positive experience for your dog in their own environment.

Puppies - The proper introduction of the grooming equipment sets your pup in a confident direction for future groomings.  Positive reinforcement, patience, a puppy mini play break, and genuine care make for a happy grooming time. Plus a few treats!

Adult dogs - Regular grooming not only maintains the beauty of your dog, it assists the coat through the seasons to properly "breathe", the way it naturally is designed to do. Keeping your dog well ventilated aids in the overall health. Although not a vet, I do review the skin for rashes, hot spots, lumps, as well as proper weight and provide you with a final evaluation.
Senior dogs - Comfort is key for the well deserved dog that has been your companion and family member for all these years. Grooming in your home provides this essential need.

Ask about hosting a grooming party and discounts!!