The Golden Touch


Lisa Ackerman ESMT, CMT

Follow your Passion -

In Lisa's early twenties she pursued her love for animals and decided to work on an Arabian Horse farm in Goshen, New York as a groom. She still remembers the days of her 18 hour road trip in the back of a large horse trailer from NY to Louisville, KY. This time in her life provided Lisa with the most physically demanding work, and life lessons that she will never forget. This was just the starting point of a full circle that took her nearly 30 years.

After Lisa's venture on the horse farm, she continued to expand her knowledge and accepted an apprenticeship at a local grooming shop in Line Lexington, Bucks County, PA. This is where she honed her skills of dog grooming for all breeds. While working full time at the shop, she also started her own business of in home grooming, traveling to the customer's home.

5 years later, Lisa decided to move to Colorado. She saved enough money to make the move, even though she still had to find a job once there. One of those life moments where you decide to just go for it! And she did. This was the time of the home builder industry boom, so Lisa decided to take a leap of faith, got her real estate license and then spent the next nearly 20 years in the home builder/mortgage industry. With starting a family, raising her young daughter, and accepting management positions, she decided to make the move back home with her daughter to North Wales, PA area, to be closer to family.

As her daughter started college, at the same time Lisa decided to pursue her passion once again. With much encouragement from a Golden Retriever breeder, Golden Glory she decided to start grooming again in addition to her Corporate job. This time, it was to specialize in grooming the Golden Retriever breed. Being that Lisa has had 5 Goldens throughout her life, it was not a hard decision to share in the love of a Golden through grooming.

As with many Corporate company decisions of restructuring, one is placed in a position that determines one's future. As so was Lisa when her current company made changes. She viewed this as a blessing, and it allowed her to determine her own future. Lisa decided to come full circle after 25 years in the Corporate world and pursue her passions of working with animals once again.

Along with providing in home grooming, specializing in Golden Retrievers,  Lisa is certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Canine Massage Therapy through the highly regarded Equissage program located in Round Hill, VA by the original founder, Mary Schreiber.

Through a life long passion, Lisa's goal is to provide the highest quality of service and skill, with the outmost care and patience to her customers, and peace of mind to their owners.